Preparing the Mobile Office for Sustainable Travel

Red Wine and steak in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Couldn't resist...

So it’s been awhile…

Sorry guys! I’ve been riding a wave of motivation working on my real business. And that can be hard to come by sometimes. But it’s good – setting my focus where the motivation lies at any given time seems to be doing wonders for my productivity. Hm, that might be a concept too obvious for Leo Babauta to even mention over at Zen Habits, but it’s been a nice revelation.

Part of the reason for this motivation is that it’s finally time to book another ticket. I (kind of purposely) forgot to budget during my previous trip to South America, and capped it off with a week straight of wine and steak in Buenos Aires. It was an unforgettable trip, but it definitely set me back a few bucks.

iPhone, netbook, and the Martin Backpacker snuck in there.

The Mobile Office

On this trip the goals will be different. I’d like to find a monthly rental, really get to know a place, and prove that I can run a business with 3G, an iPhone, and a netbook. The internet really opens the door for travelers to work from a mobile office. A digital nomad can travel sustainably, and in the context of Giving Vicariously, make a difference sustainably. That’s the goal.

And fresh content for the blog can’t hurt either, eh?

As of today I’m thinking of Colombia as a starting point. Gareth from Tourist 2 Townie / Biblioworks has some pretty convincing pictures from his stay in Medellin, and I’ve heard more than one person say it’s their favorite country in the world. And I had a great Skype with Cerys from Colombia Sin Fronteras, and still owe them an article (along with a few others).

The Andes are calling again…

In the meantime I’m still looking for ideas. Any tips for an aspiring digital nomad? Do you have an experience or a volunteering opportunity in Colombia that you would recommend?

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  1. Sam says:

    Ive probably already told you in person, but Sail Via the San Blas islands Colombia to Panama or vice versa… meet the Kuna people who don’t need a lot of help as the Panamanian govt. has been really good at safe guarding their way of life, but it is a stunning area.

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