Corsica and Sardinia, May 2010

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In the morning I caught a 6:10am bus, 2 hours to Olbia, to catch a 9am traghetto to Rome (or actually Civitavecchia which is way more fun to say). I had 50 minutes to navigate a non-English speaking city which turned out to be much bigger than every other village on the islands. And if I missed the ferry I had to wait there until 10pm for the next one. Dove il traghetto? Some old guy told me nove, bus 9. So I waited only to see it drive right by me. Turns out you have to flag buses down in this city. So I waited a half hour for the next one, and got on the ferry with 3 minutes to spare.  
Photos 76 - 77 out of 77 | Back to Albums
Description: Here's the next batch, RVing with a German family in Corsica, and then a night in Sardinia, enjoy!
Location: Corsica and Sardinia

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  1. Can I share your pics? (with backlink of course :)

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