Germany to Amsterdam, May 2010

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Upper left building on the hill is the Schloss, a medieval castle. The Old Bridge and the Schloss. What a nice walk.
Across the Old Bridge and into town. Looking back the other way. I don't know if quaint is the word or charming, but this city is special.
Gate to enter the city. Not sure if this was ever actually used. Cool though. Looove the German style buildings.

(a month later) Looking back, the sprinkling rain here in Heidelburg (and some sprinkles in London) was the only rain or bad weather I experienced on the trip. Lucky. I got a tip from a local to go to the Schnitzelhaus, a local place with 101 varieties of schnitzel. Sooo good. And that beer or cider or whatever you'd call it is apfelwein, which appropriately tastes like apple wine. Also incredible.
Moving on from Heidelburg I took a boat ride up the Rhine river, which averages a medieval castle every 1.2 miles. Also, vineyards farmed at 45 degree angles. Sooo good. Couldn't stay away from the bakeries. Looking off the boat, which was conveniently covered by my Eurail pass.
Something you don't see every day. This incredible scenery, improved upon by a sign that says assmannshausen. The sign, believe it or not, was a surprise when I went back to look at the pictures for the day. Pleasant.
Photos 16 - 30 out of 79 | Back to Albums
Description: Last album of the trip - beers, sausage, schnitzels, castles, vineyards, canals
Location: Munich, Heidelberg, Rhineland, Amsterdam, Haarlem

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