London, Paris, May 2010

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Back up to the Palace. Built in the 1600s, this section of the gardens was modeled after those seen in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."    

This is why I could never be a tour guide. It would just be too tempting. I can just picture some royal princess wandering around here in thought, probably picking some flowers, and then going into a song that helps explain her dilemma to the audience.
This is as far as I'm walking and I haven't even gotten to that long pond! Aaand zoom. After the gardens I ate some local fastfood, can't remember the name. Had a burger called the Prekikki burger, and a drink called the "Intense Milkshake" - not sure how that translates.
I'm a fashion icon in Versailles.   
Photos 136 - 142 out of 142 | Back to Albums
Description: London and Paris pictures
Location: London, Paris, Versailles

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