London, Paris, May 2010

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Another happy place in Paris, sitting on the edge of the water and watching the flat boats go by. A royal palace.   

(a month later) Just spotted more scaffolding!
Notre Dame. There are about 5 "toilette" signs in this area and none of them point to a bathroom. When you find one, the line is huge and the attendant harrasses you yelling "Pee pee expresso!" Had to leave the area pretty quick, the tourists were overwhelming. Back when my fleece was squeaky clean and the hole in my jeans wasn't noticeable heh.
Not sure what this is for but it's cool. Pompidou. A great place to watch buskers perform outside. The tower at night.
This is another sight with a huge scale that I didn't expect. Awesome. Underneath it. One of my favs.
The city shuts down on Sundays. There are about 3 cafes per person in Paris. I got a sample of the best cheese I've ever had at this fromagerie. But with the language barrier I couldn't communicate that I wanted 3 Euros worth, whatever size that was. The guy was a pompous loser and so I had to move on without the cheese.
Photos 91 - 105 out of 142 | Back to Albums
Description: London and Paris pictures
Location: London, Paris, Versailles

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