More Peru Into Bolivia! (S America pt 2)

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Decided to try and climb Huayna Potosi, 6088m. I think they said the colors are from zinc pollution... As much as I want to tell you these are the people that died trying, the deaths were from conflicts between miners in the area.
Global warming... can't remember the stats, but basically the glacier is shrinking.
The guide only spoke Spanish... Day 1 was mostly for acclimatizing up at 4700m, but the guide gave us an ice climbing lesson. Safety instructions in Spanish... luckily a climber from Spain said "did you get that?" every time there was something important.
Starting the hike to high camp at 5130m. View from high camp. I can remember gasping for breath climbing the stairs to the bunk room and thinking how am I supposed to climb that!
the group, USA, Spain and Australia Lounging at high camp...
Photos 121 - 135 out of 200 | Back to Albums

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