Peru so far… (S America pt 1 of 3)

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took a combi (van packed with as many Peruvians and one gringo as possible) out to the countryside and walked 2km to get to the Molina de Sabandia... the locals were awesome about helping me to find the right stop amidst the chaos water powered mill... not pictured, Coke bottle lodged in the mill (agh!)
Arequipa countryside paid 10 soles ($3) for a 15 year old kid to guide me around the countryside... the horse must have been half blind, it led me into every tree branch possible
one of those travel paradise moments... had a Coke here and thought where the bleep am I? Arequipa cathedral at night condors at the Colca Canyon
3 day trek to the bottom of the canyon and up, something like 3300m deep... still working on the metric system conversions oasis from the top
1st night destination from the top... it looked very close for 3 hours
Photos 46 - 60 out of 200 | Back to Albums

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