Road Trip!

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Bird at the Painted Desert. Sedona is beauutiful. Overlooking the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon. We hiked a mile and a half down it and back.
From the South Kaibab Trail at the Grand Canyon. Big drops on both sides. From the South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon. I couldn't sleep at 5:30am, so I got up and hiked the South Kaibab Trail.
More South Kaibab... you can see the trail about three times in the bottom of the shot. Big drops off the side of the trail. Blue sky over the Grand Canyon wall.
Cool skinny cactus thing with a great backdrop. The Grand Canyon makes me look like a pro photographer! Trail to the sky... more from South Kaibab.
This is the Cedar Ridge from above the rim. The South Kaibab trail hikes down it. If you look closely, you can see it. The Cedar Ridge, zoomed in. I finished my morning hike there, and enjoyed being completely surrounded by the canyon. We saw a coyote while driving in the Grand Canyon park.
Photos 46 - 60 out of 68 | Back to Albums
Description: Dan and Erin's Cross-Country Adventure
Location: Cross-Country

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