San Francisco, April 2010 – Good for youuu. Thaaanks!

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Looking down Andrew's street. Down Andrew's street the other way is the bridge. San Francisco houses...
If I was Happy Gilmore, this hill would be my happy place. Golden Gate Park, with the Presidio, the bridge, and Sausalito in the back. More views. Turn your head left, and it's the Pacific Ocean.
And to the right is downtown. I can't understand why no one else was up there! Fancy photography?
The road to paradise. A trail in Golden Gate Park.
More from Golden Gate Park. Japanese Tea Garden... cost $7. I'm still debating if this makes it a tourist trap or not. Japanese Tea Garden
Photos 1 - 15 out of 105 | Back to Albums
Description: spontaneous week exploring SanFran!
Location: San Francisco

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