South America (part 3)

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Feeling like a backpacker at a beach resort Talking to people is better than any guidebook. Sometimes it's nice to let other people in hostels guide your itinerary, they usually send you to awesome places like this
The aptly-named Punta del Este, East Point, is a Southwest facing peninsula located on the South coast of Uruguay, just east of the center of the country.
Back to Buenos Aires! From the rosedal in Palermo, a nice place to drink mate. Learning to cook... On to Mendoza! Fuente en la Plaza Independencia
For $9 you can rent a bike from Mr. Hugo who provides free wine to get you started, and ride from vineyard to vineyard. Lounging at a vineyard. It's funny, there are more dirty bike-riding wine-chugging backpackers here than middle class "connoisseurs." A good spot for lunch
Wine tour buddies, lost these guys when our hostel was full. One of the favorites... unfortunately didn't find any real good ones that export to the US.
Photos 121 - 135 out of 198 | Back to Albums
Description: For more of the trip check out "Peru so far..." and "More Peru into Bolivia"
Location: Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay

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