White Mountains Hikes

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Waterfall near Pinkham Notch, Mt. Washington.
The Boot Spurr Trail on Mt. Washington had a great mix of adventures... Looking across to Wildcat Mountain.
The fresh smell of evergreens. We were greeted with views and 50 mph winds when we entered the "alpine zone." Looking out to Tuckerman's Ravine.
After the 5th rock was stacked the winds blew them all over. I can't stop taking these candids. She always sets herself up perfectly for them.

If only I could have taken this pose with...
... this camera angle. Marcus  has his head in the clouds.
Photos 16 - 30 out of 67 | Back to Albums
Description: Awesome views from Mt. Washington, Mt. Major, Cannon, and Little Haystack hikes!
Location: Cannon, Mt. Washington, Mt Major, Little Haystack

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