White Mountains Hikes

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Approaching the Boot Spurr summit, we began to enter the clouds. Ominous! 

The weather changed from hot to pleasantly breezy to windy and chilly, to very windy, cold and damp as we ascended.

While we were experiencing the crazy weather at the top, it was surreal to believe there was a perfectly pleasant day happening thousands of feet below us.
One of our last views before completely entering the clouds. Once we entered the clouds it was like another planet, with the wind whipping and visibility limited to maybe 50 feet ahead. (I have a good video posted of this.) We aimed for the next pile of rocks that marked the trail and hoped we weren't going in circles. 

This picture is from the last half hour to the Mt. Washington summit, a ridiculous rock scramble, climbing up slick boulders in 50 mph winds. Looking down over Tuckerman's Ravine as we emerged from the clouds.
My old roommate wants me to ski down this with him. Maybe if I get a ski helmet for Christmas. On July 19th, a 24 year-old hiker fell to his death over (I'm pretty sure it was) this waterfall. One of my faves.
Looking back up. Moving on to Locke's Hill and Mount Major from 8/14 and 8/15. Lake Winnipesaukee from Locke's Hill.
Winnipesaukee from Mount Major, 8/15.
Photos 31 - 45 out of 67 | Back to Albums
Description: Awesome views from Mt. Washington, Mt. Major, Cannon, and Little Haystack hikes!
Location: Cannon, Mt. Washington, Mt Major, Little Haystack

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